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Employee Behavior Modification
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Tired of hiring and firing? Have you noticed you hire more employees and you get less and less done? The problem may not be a bad employee is it could be lack of understanding of what motivates people. Forget the guess work and call us in to help turn things around. Save your classified ad money and let's work with what you already have in place!
Tired of trying to push your employees to greatness or better yet perform like they should at minimum? Wondering what it will take for your employees to take what they do serious? Have you figured out that you are paying for 8 hours of work and seem to be getting only 4.2 hours worth of production? If these questions hit home with you then maybe it is time that you get a dose of Employee behavior modification by The Growth Masters.

Here is a typical situation which you may have had go on in your business. You have this worker who we will call Michelle. Now she is one of your best internal sales person, and she is very smart. She has tons of potential but she has a major problem and that is she is always either tardy or leaves early. The even bigger problem is that the other employees in your business have taken notice to what she is doing and how she is getting away with it. As she returns late from lunch once again, you go out to her desk and tell her you would like to speak with her in your office. Internally she begins to put up the shield. After all, she knows why she is going into your office and she knows she just came back late. She knows she is going into your office for "the talk!"  Now before we go on, how long have you been using this method? How many times have you ever really turned anyone around? If you stop and think about it and are really truthful, at best you scared someone into submission but you have never really fixed anyone. Employee behavior modification will show you a better solution.

So when Michelle comes into the office and takes a seat, you see a human body but it would appear that no one is really there. Michelle on her walk to the office has shut down and is ready to tune you out. She does not mean to be disrespectful but she has been trained to do this her whole life. The lecture or the talk has become a regular part of her life since she was a child. You are frustrated and she is numb to the whole exercise as you go into your lecture of how she has to get to work on time and how others are following what she does, etc. She gets up, takes down the shield and goes back to work. This has just continued a cycle that returns very little result. She gets to work on time for a week or so and then slips right back. What Michelle really needs is employee behavior modification.

How Our Training and Education Works

The first thing we need to do is turn around our mind set. Punishing for bad behavior will return poor results. Positively re-enforce the good behavior we desire is a much better way to get the results that we desire. How we deliver our program is in 2 ways;

The first is with an Internet based solution that includes education, journal function and interaction. The second is by having a coach/consultant regularly interact with your employees to get them to review what they do on a regular basis and discover what it will take to get your employees more efficient and to buy into the company culture. These coaches are not psychologist but are there to take the boss/employee relationship out of the equation. We seek real truths from your staff in order to get them to go about their job in a way that will cut out the bad behaviors and in turn create the good behavior that we desire.

If you are interested in finding out what it will take to get our program implemented into your organization, fill out the form above and one of our associates will get back to you as soon as possible. If you want to get more production out of your employees and create a new culture in your organization. This is an exciting program that your company cannot live without. No matter if you have 5 employees or 500, we can help you improve your moral and bottom line.